In the heart of Rome, an intimate and refined experience.

Attention to detail for a tailor-made emotion.

Wood, iron, soft lights evoke an ever-changing harmony of colors and styles.

Il Pagliaccio has an eclectic personality. It looks outward with curiosity,

while maintaining a respectful approach to the environment and sustainability.

A unique and original painting, in the center of the main room.

Il Pagliaccio winks, take a seat, the show begins!

In addition to the main hall, there is our small private room.


Un Ristorante, nel Ristorante.
un mondo parallelo, interno al Ristorante Il Pagliaccio.

Una saletta privata
con un servizio dedicato e una mise en place esclusiva.

Un percorso da 14 portate,
per un massimo di 6 commensali, nella nostra saletta privata.



A restaurant, within the Restaurant.

A parallel world inside Il Pagliaccio.

A private dining room

with dedicated service and an exclusive mise en place.

A journey of 14 Courses,

up to 6 guests, in our private dining room


Anthony Genovese, chef
Matteo Zappile, general manager 

Il Pagliaccio

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Il Pagliaccio

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